Design and Specification are subject to change without notice.
One should call for help any time there is a danger for life or public order. This includes life-threatening -- or potential life-threatening.
Anti-intruded and Emergency call is a specially designed helper for 
  -- Housing personal: Young, Patients, Aged people, Disabled People.
  -- Enterprise: Financial or Bank Organizations, Lotto station, Stores, Jewelers.
  -- Organizations: Social Wellfare Organizations.

You can make an emergency or help request call to the person in charge by pressing a button . In case of an intrusion or a fire, it also automatically calls pre-stored phone numbers with a voice message.
Example: 911/112/999/119/000, Doctor, Family, Friends, Police.
  • A 16 x 2 characters backlit LCD display.
  • Compatible connection with any TONE telephone system.
  • Power Failure Protection.
  • Personal Voice Recording (15 or 30 Sec). option
  • Change Access Code.
  • One-Touch ON/OFF.
  • 2 emergent phone (12 digits). Ex. 911/112, Social Security
  • 3 normal phones (20 digits) Ex. Doctor, Family, Friend.
  • 8 Recorders of calling confirm. option
  • Auto phone of destination check.
  • Siren
  • No Call Disconect.
  • Auto Recall for help.
  • Save or Erase phone of destination.
  • Day / Time Stamp. option

  • Sensor Port:
  • CEI-5811AC-000-00: 08
  • CEI-5811AC-001-00: 16

  • Output Port:
  • 10A/250VAC * 4

  • Remote Functions: option
  • Change Access Code
  • Save or Erase phone of destination.