Design and Specification are subject to change without notice.
CEI-102 Voice Scrambler for telephone
The only adjunt-style Voice Scrambler in the world.
Make the phone conversation illegible to the third party
  • Encode the phone conversation and make it illegible to the line intruder.
  • Protect phone conversation from eavesdropping, listening and recording.
  • Encoding PTT C/O lines with LED indicator (in-use).
  • High security with more than 4 million security codes.
  • Expandable to Multiple Users.
  • Auto reset when hang up the phone.
  • User friendly.
  • For DTMF touch TONE phones.
  • Easy connection with fully modular jack.
  • Ideal for Brokers, Lawyers, Executives, Counselors, Corporate Planners, Accountants, Managers and Home Use.

CEI-102 picture